Tájékoztató a központi névjegyzékbe vétel iránti kérelem benyújtásával kapcsolatos tudnivalókról

on filling the application for inclusion into the electoral register (enrolment)


Following the coming into force of Act XXXVI of 2013 on Electoral Procedure the National Election Office has been established. The Office is headed by its President, who is appointed by the President of the Republic on a proposal of the prime minister.
The duty of this autonomous government agency, subject only to the law is to fulfill central tasks related to preparing and conducting elections. Like the other election offices, the Office provides impartial information to voters, candidates and nominating organizations, aids the activity of the National Election Commission, provides the material and technical conditions for the implementation of elections and conducts the operation of election offices on territorial and local level.
The website of the National Election Office will be accessible soon with extended information content.